Theme: Dixit is a picture-to-word association game.

How to Win: The end of the game is triggered when a player either reaches 30 points or the deck runs out of cards.

Components: High quality cards with amazing illustrations, bunny shaped tokens and a scoreboard.

How to Play: When it is your turn you will select a card and give a clue. The clue can be a word, phrase or sound. The other players will select a card (or two cards if playing with three) that match your clue. You will shuffle the cards and deal them out. The other players will then vote on which card best fits your clue. There are three scoring possibilities:

  1. If everyone guessed your card
    • You score 0 points
    • Everyone else score two points
  2. If no one guessed your card
    • You score 0 points
    • Everyone else scores two points AND score one additional point for each guess their card received.
  3. If at least ONE player guessed your card
    • You and the player(s) who guessed your card score three points
    • Everyone else scores one point for each guess their card received

Thoughts: Generally speaking, I tend to shy away from party type guessing games. Mainly because of the amount of people needed to play such a game to make it interesting and fun. I can confirm that Dixit plays well with three people, but like with most games that fall in the same category it is better to play it with 5-7 players. While there is not much to gush about when it comes to gameplay, there is much to be said about the cards and the artwork.

While the base game comes with the above components, you could just as easily grab an expansion pack which contains some additional cards and play with pen and paper scoreboard and some other method of voting. Overall, Dixit was worth the buy and the artwork has been used to spark great story ideas that are currently being fleshed out and worked on. If you and your gaming group loves to let your imagination run wild and tend to see the world in a fanciful light, Dixit is a must buy.

[This post contains affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I wouldn’t recommend a game I didn’t like or think you wouldn’t enjoy. Any games linked have been recommended to friends and family long before this blog.]

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