Theme: In Pandemic, four deadly viruses have broken out around the world. It’s a race against the diseases and the clock to find a cure for each.  How to Win: Once you find the cure for all four diseases you and your teammates win. Components: Sturdy world board, Infection and Player cards, four different colored […]


Theme: In Catan, you play a group of people who were exiled from their homes and stumbled upon the continent of Catan. How to Win: The first to score 10 Victory Points wins. Components: Heavy cardboard map pieces with numbered tokens, wooden player pieces (roads, settlements, and cities), resource cards (sheep, wheat, brick. lumber and […]

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

Theme: In Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters you and your friends infiltrate a haunted house in search of treasure and some good old fashion cooperative ghost fighting.  How to Win: Your group of adventurers needs to remove all eight pieces of treasure from the house and escape it before it becomes overrun by ghosts. Components: High-quality […]


Theme: Dixit is a picture-to-word association game. How to Win: The end of the game is triggered when a player either reaches 30 points or the deck runs out of cards. Components: High quality cards with amazing illustrations, bunny shaped tokens and a scoreboard. How to Play: When it is your turn you will select […]


Theme: Players are gem traders looking to corner the market in the gem trade and gain the notice of the local lords and ladies. How to Win: The game ends when one player earns 15 points and all players have taken the same amount of turns. Components: Good quality cards and cardboard noble cutouts. The […]

The Die is Cast

Hello! Welcome to the Eclectic Bean. My name is Pat Bean. I have been gaming my entire life, in one form or another. Born, raised and currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, I have been amassing a library of games for the past six years. With a wife who has a completely different taste in games […]